"Science In Our Skills, Magic In Our Hands"



Our Physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment, management and prevention of a broad range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. We provide services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by injury, aging, illness, disease, inactivity or environmental factors. Our therapists will analyze the injury, disease or disorder and help promote, restore and maintain physical independence and performance. Our clinic will provide a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms, relief through treatment techniques, and expert advice on how to manage your injury, disease, and/or disability.


The primary functions of physiotherapy include:

» Assessment: Involves discussion, measurements, special tests of impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or other health-related conditions.
» Diagnosis: Based on assessment findings and clinical reasoning.
» Planning: After the initial assessment the Physiotherapist develops and reaches agreement with the client on a treatment strategy.
» Implementing: Following consent to the Physiotherapy plan, the Physiotherapist provides treatment that may include hands on techniques, taping, exercises, and/or instruction.
» Evaluation: The Physiotherapist regularly reviews measurements relative to the baseline for monitoring progress.
» Education: Clients are educated with the intention of transferring knowledge and skills for a healthy future.
» Consultation: To provide professional advice and solutions.


Types of Treatments:

» Manual Therapy - involves joint mobilization and manipulation
» Fascial Mobilization
» Acupuncture
» Injury specific exercise
» Injury specific education
» Thermal Agents - (i.e. paraffin wax, moist heat packs)
» Ice
» Ultrasound
» Exercise Ball Routines
» Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
» Muscle Stimulation