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Extended Health Plans are available through a company or private insurance plan. Many of these plans cover most or all of treatment. Everyone’s health plans are different. Your insurance plan may require a doctor’s referral to process your expense claim. Your plan may include an annual limit, unlimited coverage, or a certain percentage. Please take a moment to check your plan for more specific details. After you pay for treatment, our clinic will provide you with a receipt so that your insurance company can reimburse you.

Direct billing:

More insurance companies are allowing clinics to submit payments online. If your Extended health plan is setup to allow for direct billing with our clinic, then we will bill to your insurance for you. Currently, we can bill directly to the following insurance companies:

Great West Life
Industrial Alliance
Standard Life

Please note: If your extended health plan does not cover 100% for visits, you will be expected to pay the difference each visit.


What we need from you to do direct billing:

» Insurance Policy (plan contract) number + Identification (certificate) number. These numbers will be on your insurance card.
» If you are covered under a spouse/parents insurance plan, we will require their full name and date of birth.
» Some insurance plans require a doctor referral, so please check your plan.